Q & A 1 - who is Lyon? Q & A 2 - why the book?


Who likes Lyon books & art?

They are:
Responsive to visual and verbal humour
Well-integrated/on the Cutting Edge
Attracted to people who are authentic
Appreciate an archetypal viewpoint
Love Beauty in the most profound sense of the word

What messages come across in Lyon art and books?

Here are six:
The value of living from our deepest Beingness
The value of refreshing the Spirit
Pleasure in the adventure of inner exploration
Love is PRIMARY!
Deep love for nature & the environment
The value of Independent Resolution


Twelve FAVORITE questions:
What is of paramount importance to you?
What does the concept 'money' really mean to you?
When, and why, were you first attracted to the study of esoteric traditions, alternative therapies, etc.?
Have you ever been completely disillusioned by any of these - one or more?
If, God forbid, you were no longer able to paint, sculpt, draw or work in clay, would you be able to find adequate satisfaction in creative writing? Or....
'Self-Improvement': When will enough be enough, and how will you know?

Does the active practice of creating invigorate you, or leave you empty?
How do you stay fearless?
What do you love to share?
What catches you, and how do you get free?
How do you re-invigorate yourself?
When did you know you were an artist, and how has being an artist been for you?

What is she passionate about?

"Angela Treat Lyon loves to share information about whatever she has discovered that she feels is Good for Life, and whatever aspect of that that she has found to be of value to herself in her constant search and vigilance for being Conscious - awake, aware, and ALIVE!

"She possesses the most important attribute of all great natural teachers: the drive to tell others, AT ONCE, about the marvellous thing she has just discovered or has just made - for the sheer joy of sharing it. She can't help it.

"As with all ferociously creative people, it's Kenosis or Bust.Getting paid for the effort is great, too, but the joy of sharing is primary, essentially necessary to her very Being."

Pat, NZ


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