Read some great comments about The Real Money Secrets Book:

"Angela Treat Lyon's work has an immediate and compelling *intelligibility* - it speaks my language, and depicts a recognisable world easy to respond to at a profound level. It's hard to say if it is 'new' or 'innovative'.

"It simply MAKES SENSE. Novelty for its own sake is not very important, in art or in life. Quality, coherence and resonance are. Unremitting novelty is merely consumerism.

"What is important in a product is not so much that it should create a new niche, but that it should fill its niche better, and more satisfyingly, than anything else. That's the stuff of truth and reality. That's what Lyon's work does.

"I keep going back for another look, and it keeps on making me laugh like a drain!"

Pat S., New Zealand


Dear Angela,

"I got already 3 times through it. Thumbs up. Good job I love it and it works. I do my part. I implemented already some easy steps today. Thank you."

Vlastik, Sweden

"Angela! I LOVED the book! You're a Creative Genius and I respect your wisdom! You have such a unique style! I loved your illustrations -I especially loved the one with the pennies coming home. I'm going to put your book link in my newsletter."

Rebecca M., Prosperity Coach, Texas


"Angela, you are so brilliant!!!  Your humor and talent are awesome. I love it all: the IT page! And missing the JOY bus! And Mount Gooroo! Walk around the block! 
"I think I'll go sprinkle pennies and leave my wallet open.  FFT - Wow! Why NOT tap my wallet's meridians? Instant money spray! 

"What a delightful book! You had me laughing at the way I act and think.  What a great way to reacquaint myself with the truths about money. 

"Your drawings are so light hearted and expressive and connect with my heart and funny bone.  I look forward to sharing this book with my money-challenged friends - just as soon as I finish running around the table.....
Thank You!"

Lynn Ward, Life Coach, EFT-CC, Florida












The REAL Money Secrets Book

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