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I wrote The Real Money Secrets Book as a partial spoof, partial information source. I struggled with money for years and years - either mismanaging it, or simply never having enough. So I did a very intensive search for how to get it, how to manage it, how to think about it, how to sell, how to serve. I became aware of the staggering preponderance of books, articles, tapes and cds about getting or making more money.

One day not too long ago, the sheer volume of publications, and the very serious attitude almost all of them took suddenly struck me as very funny, very sad. I had to admit that I had gotten snagged by a very powerful hook: the Make More Money and you Will Be Happier lie.

Realizing this was a bit of a shock. I didn't like it. But then it all just seemed sillier and sillier.

I started to think of all the myths around money. Images and puns came flying into my head. It was inevitable - I had to share my odd humor, give the whole thing a little goose. I'm saying, "Hey! Let's take it easy, shall we?"

I wrote the book for fun. Simply fun. I'm so corny I go look at the book and start to laugh all over again. I'm so delighted with how silly the drawings are, and some of the concepts - running around a table? You're kidding, right? Right! I love to laugh!

I think paying $5,000 for a seminar to find out how to make money is just as silly. Hello! You already have the money! Take that 5,000 and go invest it or go to a joint venture training seminar (if you're into internet marketing, here is the end-all, be-all membership to get. There's more powerful, useful, doable information on this site than you can access in a month)!

What is it we really want?

We want to feel good. We want to feel loved, appreciated, acknowledged. Be ourselves; express ourselves.

In the richest country in the world, so many of us have gottten sucked into the money chase. Money won't ever make us feel good. We think money provides power, safety, security and comfort, the ability to express ourselves and to live as we want. The irony is, we have to develop our unique selves first in order to be able to receive the energy of money!

In truth, it isn't at all about money.

Money is ultimately a result, a by-product of a way of being. The money search is not about money, it's not about products, power, or even freedom. It's about who we are and how we think, feel and act.

The Real Money Secrets Book takes you through a light glimpse of some of the many things I've been told about how to get money, and includes some of the marvelous things that have worked for me.

As an add-on, in the back of the book I have a few pages of some fantastic resources for people who have a grasp of what it is they're really seeking.

It's consciousness we want.

Our desire for money must be rerouted to a desire for the ability to become more aware of who we are and what we're personally doing on the planet. I believe that we must be willing to take risks, make unique choices, take total responsibility for our own lives before money will come to us and stay.

The Real Money Secrets Book was also a challenge to myself: I decided that I wanted to experience the efficacy of the much-touted concept of do-what-you-love-love-what-you-do-and-the-money-will-follow theory in Real Life.

In my weekly session with Lynn Ward, my wonderful supportive coach, I mentioned that I wanted to be free to do who I am: do what I do best and do from a place of light and love and fun and laughter.

The universe listened and plopped that chance right into my lap: I was laid off from my very part-time job! I was faced with two choices - go back into my old habitual Omigod-what-am-I-going-to-do mindset, or change my internal dialogue, saying to myself, Omigod-I'm-DOING-it, go for it! It was a no-brainer.

I could now amp up the time I could spend on making the finshing touches on the book that I had been slowly writing and compliling over the last few weeks.

Writing, illustrating, creating the pdf, and setting up the website for The Real Money Secrets Book was a much bigger task than I had originally thougt it was, but the whole process has been a really valuable experience, especially since:

The money did, indeed, start - and continues - to flow! The day I finished the book, I got a check for $475 out of the blue from a sale I had no idea was in the works.

It really does work!


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