re You Tired of All the Hype About Money?

Have you bought a bazillion make-money products - tapes, videos, books, cds, dvds,
and affiliate programs and still find yourself wanting to know more?
And more? And more?

 How many times have you seen ads declare that you, too
(imagine deep movie preview voice here) can make yourself
into a millionaire - IF you buy their product today!?

Well, ha! The REAL Money Secrets Book won't tell you any of that!

WHAT IS The Real Money Secrets Book ABOUT, THEN?

Angela Treat Lyon says: I wrote The Real Money Secrets Book as a partial spoof, partial information source. I struggled with money for years and years - either mismanaging it, or simply never having enough.

So I did a very intensive search for how to attain it, how to manage it, how to think about it, how to market my work, how to contribute to my world-community. In my search, I became aware of the staggering number of books, articles, tapes and other products about getting or making more money.

The sheer volume of publications, and the very serious attitude almost all of them took, suddenly struck me as very funny, very sad. I had to admit that I had gotten snagged by a very powerful hook - the Make More Money and you Will Be Happier myth.

What (real) people say about The Real Money Secrets Book:

Angela! I LOVED the book! You have such a unique style! And your illustrations - I especially loved the one with the pennies coming home! I'm going to put your book link in my newsletter right away!

Rebecca M., Prosperity Coach, Texas

Realizing this was a bit of a shock. I didn't like it that I had gotten myself entwined in the loop of "get get get."

But then it just seemed sillier and sillier. I started to think of all the myths around money. Images and puns came flying into my head. It was inevitable - I had to share my odd humor, give the whole thing a little goose. I'm saying, "Hey! Let's take it easy, shall we?"

I wrote and illustrated the book for fun. Simply fun. I'm so corny and so delighted with how silly my drawings are. And some of the concepts: running around a table to generate money? You're kidding, right? Right! I look at the book and start to laugh all over again.

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BURNING QUESTION: What is it we really want?

Here's what I think: We just want to feel good! We want to feel loved, appreciated, acknowledged. Be ourselves; express ourselves. In the richest country in the world, so many of us have gotten sucked into the money chase. Money won't ever make us feel good. We think money provides power, safety, security and comfort, the ability to express ourselves and to live as we want. The irony is, we have to develop our unique selves first in order to be able to receive the energy of money!

In truth, money is ultimately a result, a by-product of a way of being. The money search is not about money, it's not about products, power, or even freedom.

It's about who we are and how we think, feel and act.

Take a light-hearted journey through some of the many things we've been told about how to be, how to believe, and how to get money. You'll laugh out loud at some, sigh at others. You'll be delighted with the simplicity and straightforwardness.

As an add-on, in the back of the book I have some fantastic resources for people who have a grasp of what it is they're really seeking. It's consciousness we want. Our desire for money must be rerouted through the desire to become more aware of who we are and what we're personally doing on the planet. Money will stay away from us until we're willing to take total responsibility for our own choices.

The resources include some of the marvelous things that I've used that really do work. Not only to acquire money, but to clear out old beliefs, fears and negative emotions, learn how to think like a wealthy person thinks, and do business in ways that make you feel great about yourself and your life.


What other (real) people say about The Real Money Secrets Book

Angela, you are so brilliant!!!  Your humor and talent are awesome. I love it all: the IT page! And missing the JOY bus! And Mount Gooroo! Walk around the block! 
I think I'll go sprinkle pennies and leave my wallet open.  Wow! Why NOT tap my wallet's meridians? Instant money spray! 

What a delightful book! You had me laughing at the way I act and think.  What a great way to reacquaint myself with the truths about money. 

Your drawings are so light-hearted and expressive and connect with my heart and funny bone.  I look forward to sharing this book with my money-challenged friends - just as soon as I finish running around the table..... Thank You!

Lynn Ward, Life Coach, EFT-CC, Florida

The Real Money Secrets Book was a challenge to myself: I decided that I wanted to experience the efficacy of the much-touted concept of do-what-you-love-love-what-you-do-and-the-money-will-follow theory in Real Life. In my weekly session with my wonderful success coach, I mentioned that I wanted to be free to do who I am: do what I do best and do from a place of light and love and fun and laughter.

The universe listened and plopped that chance right into my lap: I was laid off from my very part-time (miserable) job, and faced with going back into my old habitual Omigod-what-am-I-going-to-do mind set, or changing my internal dialogue, saying to myself, Omigod-I'm-DOING-it, go for it! It was a no-brainer.

So I took advantage of the time I wasn't spending commuting and working for someone else for way too little and scant appreciation for what I did for them. I could now make the finishing touches on the book that I had been slowly writing and compiling in the exhausted hours after work.

Writing, illustrating, creating the pdf, and setting up the website for The Real Money Secrets Book was a much bigger task than I had originally thought it was, but the whole process has been a really valuable experience, especially since:

The money did, indeed, start - and continues - to flow! The day I finished the book, I got a check for $475 out of the blue from a sale I had no idea was in the works.

The REAL Money Secrets Book

You won't find any other book out there:

with over 150 unique, brilliantly drawn, jewel-like illustrations in it!

that makes you laugh out loud as you read it

that makes you see yourself and some of the things you've done and believed right there on the page

that gives you such a wide varoety of resources that will work in your own life - when you work them

Join me on a fun tour through The REAL Money Secrets Book: sometimes silly, sometimes serious! Get the book now, it's a whopping gee-whiz-wow twenty whole bucks - not bad, for all those secrets!

It'll make your heart sing!

 Aloha -

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A delicious, laugh-out-loud poke at the chase for the Mighty Dollar!

Great resources included. 125 pages.

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If you opt to print this book out, please use good paper to conserve the quality of the color illustrations! Thanks!

What more (real) people say about The REAL Money Secrets Book by Angela Treat Lyon:

"I keep going back for another look, and it keeps on making me laugh like a drain!"

Pat S., New Zealand

The Table of Contents for The Real Money Secrets Book:

front and back covers

1 halp!
2 you can...
3 ???
4 they all say
5 this is IT!
6 quest
7 heart
8 steps
9 serious
10 joy bus
11 dying!
12 the Frown
13 the Smile
14 precious
15 attitude
16 more!
17 NOT
18 have fun!
19 gooroos
20 goop
21 love to do
22 MOVE!
23 yo-gah!
24 the block
25 muscles
26 next step
27 attract $
28 $ magnet
29 floods of $
30 Hansel $
31 the way
32 Mantra 1
33 chant
34 car
35 Womantra
36 softly
37 harmonic
38 Dogtra
39 Blue Moon
40 Full Moon
41 hOOOwl
42 waft
43 lists
45 $ comes
46 tokens
47 crystal
48 wash/dry
49 table
50 shake
51 HO!
52 sing!
53 sun HO!
54 calendar
55 radiate
56 In-Cents
57 cent-er
58 I'm RICH
59 wafting
60 In-Cent-diary
61 $ spray
62 others
63 FFT
64 inner
65 characters
66 meeting
67 banker
68 plan
69 patient
71 nerves
72 quiet
73 chant
74 repeat
75 $ sign
76 2 sings
77 elective
78 yes!
79 tech
80 sides
81 waves
82 to do
83 all set
84 handy
85 surprise!
86 repeat
87 a 1, a 2
88 sit
89 answer
90 face
91 songs
92 sing!
93 all day
94 for me
95 answer
96 60's
97 not!
98 perf
99 doubts
100 STOP!
101 want
102 OUT!
103 want
104 good
105 plop!
106 life
107 breathe
108 great
109 again
110 why
111 lemons
112 IN-JOY
113 keys
114 keys 1
115 keys 2
116 $ comes
117 great
118 LOVE
119 book end!
121 cool stuff
122 Lyon EFT
123 Gary EFT
124 Lyon art
125 end!


additional tools, programs and techniques to help you create and expand your
health, prosperity and well-being that do work at the back of the book







The REAL Money Secrets Book

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